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Quechem has been custom blending graphite based products since the  early 1970’s. The demand for lubricants in many different fields has allowed  us to expand our product lines to lubricate low temperature and very high temperature applications.  As an example, we  produce lubricants for the following industries to name a few.  This shows our diversity in applications requirements

  • Cement Industry.
  • Lime Industry.
  • Pulp and Paper Industry.
  • Mining  Industry.
  • Construction.
  • Transportation.
  • Wire Rope Industry.
  • Beverage.

Through research, based on client needs, we have developed specialized products to solve many industrial and manufacturing problems. Several of our innovative product lines have since become patented and  have registered trademarks.  

Our production line has grown steadily over the years and today Quechem distributes directly or through distributors to many countries worldwide.

We are environmentally conscious as our products contain no hazardous ingredients. Therefore, we do not impose on the surrounding ecosystem and the users of our products can use our products without concern for their health.

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